Interview with Woman Getting Married: Wedding Ceremony Songs

We were recently featured in Woman Getting Married’s article “DJs Share Their Favorite Processional and Recessional Songs.”


When you think about the music selection process for your big day, things like the first dance probably come to mind. However, there’s also the ceremony! You’re certainly not required to walk down the aisle to “Here Comes The Bride.” Instead, pick wedding songs for both the processional and recessional that reflect you and your S.O.’s personalities. Need suggestions? Not a problem. We spoke to Sabrina and Wyatt, who work for the Los Angeles-based Supermoon DJs. Who better to give music recommendations than people who have worked tons of weddings?!

“Ideally, the processional track should be romantic and meaningful to the couple,” they said. Don’t just choose any old song because you like the beat — make sure it’s special to the both of you!

If you’re looking for something particularly unique, Sabrina and Wyatt suggest looking for inspiration at music festivals, indie radio stations, and even on movie soundtracks. “We’ve queued the “Jurassic Park Theme” for the bridal processional at a few weddings and it’s always so epic.”

As for the recessional, the two said the song should be “upbeat and celebratory.”

“Imagine applause and cheering in the background,” they said. “This should be a track that makes the couple genuinely happy and excited for their future together!”

If you have a special wedding song in mind for either the processional or recessional, but they don’t exactly fit the intended vibe, Sabrina and Wyatt recommend looking for covers or remixes that “sound more romantic for the processional or upbeat for the recessional.”

The Supermoon DJs rounded up a few of their favorites, below.

For our song recommendations, check out the full article HERE.

Sabrina Zeile